Our customers and partners

CrossCheck has a wide network of customers in both the Telecom and IT Industry, including British Telecom, Orange, Telfort, KPN Telecom, Ericsson, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, Versatel, Equant, Eurofiber. Also experiences with organisations as Philips, DSM or Shell are there.

CrossCheck is also working with partners such as Columbi, ORAP, Atos Origin, Egard Services, QQQ, Solvision, Rubinetto, SmartConnection, and Bema Consultancy.

Performed work

Some of the projects CrossCheck has done for the companies mentioned above are:

- Migratie naar nieuw BSS

- Organizing B2B Broadband-deliveryprocess

- Creation Internet-dialinnetwork with SDH-glassfiber technology

- Improvement IT-security

- Introduction of mobile GPRS-network

- Introduction of new telecom-products

- Implementation Data Warehouse solution

- Interim management

- Organisational Business process Consultancy

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